Walk With Us

Just because the Walkers stop doesn't mean Scotland has to.........This is just the beginning.

We encourage you all to start your own Long Walk To Freedom, have your own conversations and connect with your own communities.

Plant some Yes Stones :)

From our "Just The Ticket" bundle to "The Full Bifta" bundle, you can help to build Scotland's first Digital Assembly and bring Blockchain Democracy to the masses.

With the Walkers in the final days of The Long Walk To Freedom, the support we have received has been immense. It's clear that Scotland has a voice and we are beginning to use it.

Community engagement along the

From the launch of our new Walker Bundles, we are hoping that some of our energetic Covenant Signatories are eager to take the message of direct democracy to our communities. All bundles will include Covenant Cards and leaflets for you to distribute on your walk.

You can walk as many miles as you want over as long a period as you want, just log your miles with us when you want your certificate. As a Walker, you get exclusive access to cost price merchandise. We really want you to give us your time rather than your money. However, we can't afford to give these items for free, so would appreciate your support on our mission te get Scotland talking.

Be creative on the road

It's time for us to unite under one Sovereign Right and secure Self Determination for all in Scotland.

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