Our walkers are undertaking a huge challenge spreading our message of self determination and people empowerment to as many villages, towns and cities across Scotland as possible.

As you can imagine this is a very costly exercise, with two support vehicles required on the road at all times - it is a huge expense for all of our walkers and volunteers!

We would be extremely grateful for any donations you can make to help ease the journey and Support Your Walkers.

Anything you can afford to spare can be donated via the following PayPal link:


Or, if you'd prefer to sponsor one of the walkers for their hard work and endurance, please leave a personal message on the individual walker's dashboard to connect with them. Here, you can learn about why they are taking part and what they hope to achieve from the walk.

Our walkers find your messages of support extremely encouraging and are extremely grateful for each and every one, so we welcome as many as you can muster!

Thank You Scotland, you truly are the BEST!!

All Walkers

Name Walk # Dashboard Sponsor
Ever Uan Beag 1
Diane Mathieson 1
Iain Leckenby 1
Dave Llewellyn 3
Pedro Mendez 3

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