Back in 2018, the original #500mile walkers set out to promote one thing and one thing only, Blockchain Democracy..........

Two years ago many people across Scotland engaged with the walkers, supported and listened to their message and as a result the reach was far and wide... as much as 2 million Scots told us they want this system.

We are gathering...

They wanted real democracy, they wanted control of their own communities, they wanted to be empowered to do what is best for them collectively, and most of all, they no longer wanted to be a part of the Union, they wanted much more control over their own communities and only changing our political constructs can truly deliver that.

As a result of this fact finding #500Mile mission, the work began behind the scenes for a small but highly qualified, dedicated and professional team including Nicholas Russell one of our original walkers.

The objective was clear, the target set and the team got to work in an attempt to build exactly what the people said they wanted. Fast forward to March 2020 and we are delighted to confirm that Scotland now has its very own fully functioning and fully secure Blockchain Democracy ready and waiting for us all to use.

We can take our sovereignty back, we can create our own politics and we can do what we believe is right free from current government constructs and all with just your signature.

Now the system is built and the Digital Scottish Covenant provides each and every sovereign scot with a secure platform to use their voice, both individually and collectively, we believe that it is time to get back on the road and give the people what they asked for!

Following the previous success of our events and our desire to support the dedication of the walkers with a very warm welcome at every location - we invite you ALL to get involved.

No matter what it is you can contribute to the journey, whether that be stopping off on your touring route with a motorhome to offer use of the toilet, or a Bridges for Indy display on a random bridge along the way - for those that like to think BIG, maybe some live music, warm food and cold refreshments to welcome the Walkers to your community!

We are really excited to see all the ideas and plans you have to make this event the biggest and best Scotland has ever seen, the only question we have to ask you all is: Will you join us in unity and commit to building a better future for all in Scotland?

A Call To Action

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