Grassroots & Yes Groups

Whoever you are, whether a lone campaigner or part of a larger grassroots independence supporting group, we want to hear from you! Bring your smile, ideas and positivity to show just how great Scotland is and how we can make it even better!

In order to achieve success across the country in this event, we are calling on every Independence supporter, of which there are at least 2 million, to join us in creating the biggest event Scotland has ever seen!!

We know what we are all capable of, in recent years the grassroots movement has continued to evolve in its creativity. The current uncertainty has brought with it too much fear over hope, it would be truly amazing to see that change to action over hope as the walk progresses.

We do understand that the COVID pandemic continues to concern many, but we can assure you all that throughout our route we will be keeping to socially distanced "bubbles" within our teams of core walkers and support convoy.

Whilst we also understand that it’s very difficult for us to know where we will be in terms of lockdown phasing when the walks begin on 18th September, we hope throughout the duration of the event that things keep improving so that more of you can join us.

The main theme behind this event is promoting all that Scotland has to offer whilst supporting each and every community we visit. Our team of core walkers would love to take part in a litter pick in your local park - or visit a farmers market in your area to sample some of the fantastic local produce on offer - when they arrive in your village, town or city.

Hello Scotland!

The main objective of the Long Walk To Freedom event is to draw on all the positive elements of our communities, by bringing people together at a local level to share problems AND solutions, showing that we can in fact do it ourselves.

Along the route, the Digital Scottish Covenant team of volunteers will be on hand to provide help to people with the signing process, and circumstances permitting we will be providing information sessions from venues up and down the country.

Anything else is over to you Scotland... think, dream and believe BIG... the results will be BIG!

Of course it’s not just the events we need in support of the walkers, we also need literally hundreds of volunteers to assist along the three walking routes - if any of you have any skills, or can offer help with the following, we’d be extremely grateful:

  • Help with the route preparation before the walks start
  • Provide and drive a support car or motor home for part of the route
  • Assist with the Security of the walkers on arrival at a location in your area
  • Provide First Aid assistance as part of the support convoy
  • Provide overnight accommodation for the core walkers and support team

Please see more details on the type of support we need from you all so that together we can make this a successful and memorable event by visiting our Volunteers page. From here you can sign up to assist in whatever you feel best placed to help with.

Please click on the link below to register yourself or your group and tell us what you will be doing to welcome the walkers. The main reason for this is to coordinate security with you and our support convoy, our main priority is to ensure the safety of our walkers and all that welcome them into their communities.

An added bonus to your registration is the promotion of your event through our website and other social media platforms. This will give your local area further reach online whilst helping us to create the unified approach we need in order to achieve self-determination as a nation once again.

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